JAM Project has decided to release two singles at the same time!


TV animation “One Punch Man” 2nd opening theme song&PlayStation(R)4/Nintendo Switch(TM) “Super Robot Battle T” opening theme song.

JAM Project, the super unit of the anime song industry, has announced that they have decided to release new songs on the second day of the Special Live in Tokyo Toyosu PIT on January 25th (FRI.) and 26th (SAT.).

“Uncrowned Greatest Hero” is the 2nd opening theme song of the TV animation “One Punch Man” which will begin to broadcast in April 2019, as well as the single which includes “Tread on the Tiger’s Tail”, the opening theme song of the PlayStation(R)4/Nintendo Switch(TM) game “Super Robot Battle. Two singles are decided to release on the same day April 24th.
Moreover, the lyrics of the TV animation “One Punch Man,” the 2nd opening theme song “Uncrowned Greatest Hero” was written by Yukinojyo Mori.

“Tread on the Tiger’s Tail,” the opening theme song of The PlayStation(R)4/Nintendo Switch(TM) game “Super Robot Battle T” was revealed for the first time as early as during the lives in Osaka on January 13th(SUN.)· 14th (MON.&HOL.).
Next year, 2020 will witness the 20th anniversary of JAM Project. In the year 2019, just before the anniversary, JAM Project is advancing towards its 20th anniversary and strengthening itself. Their future development will absolutely live up to everyone’s expectation.