sleepyhead Live Show “Kyozon Hangetsu” and 1st EP “NIGHTMARE SWAP” Has Been Announced


sleepyhead has announced his live show “Kyozon Hangetsu,” to be held at Shibuya Stream Hall on December 29th, on the night of a demilune, a quarter moon.

Also, the main visuals for the live show have been revealed! The design suggests a connection back to his first concert “Toumei Shigetsu” that was held on March 17th, on a new moon’s night. Free original sleepyhead VR goggles will be distributed to concert attendees. Part of the show will be filmed on the very night of the concert and can later be enjoyed by download to a VR system.

Also, according to collaboration plans with DMM Scratch, he is going to expand the concept of his three-dimensional creative activities, dubbed “3D music”, by starting a project to create the stage artwork for the show together with the fans, amongst other exciting things.

The trial listening for sleepyhead’s 1st EP “NIGHTMARE SWAP” has started. Many artists including SKY-HI, TeddyLoid, MOMIKEN (SPYAIR), Tom-H@ck, AISHA, yuji, WHITE JAM, PLASTICZOOMS and more guest feature on the track.

The nonstandard music video “1 2 3 for hype sex heaven feat. SKY-HI, TeddyLoid, Katsuma (coldrain)” is scheduled to be released on October 10th.

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