DREAMS COME TRUE / “THE SOUL FOR THE PEOPLE” Best Album for Earthquake Relief


DREAMS COME TRUE is releasing a charity best album to help provide relief for the Great East Japan Earthquake.
This album has been put together to encourage everyone who’s faced with a hardship with a selection of legendary numbers such as ‘Nando demo’ and ‘Asa ga mata kuru.’
This new album filled with DCT’s ‘SOUL’ for earthquake relief will most definitely bring encouragement to everyone. “THE SOUL FOR THE PEOPLE~Best Album for Great East Japan Earthquake Relief~”Released on 6/29/2011UPCH-20252 / 2,300 yen (tax in)
「THE SOUL FOR THE PEOPLE~東日本大震災支援ベストアルバム~」2011/06/29 発売UPCH-20252 / 2,300円(税込)
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