Tokyo Incidents


Tokyo Jihen (Tokyo Incidents) is a Japanese band created by Shiina Ringo, after leaving her solo career. The band’s debut single was Gunjo Biyori, released in September 2004.
Shiina had always wished to work with a band and selected her band members while working on her last album, Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana. The tour band was first introduced as Tokyo Jihen during her Sugoroku Ecstasy tour, featuring guitarist Hirama, PE’Z keyboardist HZM, drummer Hata, and familiar bassist Kameda.
Being part of a band allowed Shiina to both spread the work of creating music as well as tone down her public image. She says that many people thought she always dressed up as a nurse or had whips.
In July 2005, keyboardist H zed M and guitarist Hirama Mikio left Tokyo Jihen. HZM returned to his duties as pianist for PE’Z and Hirama returned to his solo career.
In September 2005, keyboardist Izawa Ichiyou and guitarist Ukigumo joined Tokyo Jihen.
As hinted by its name, the band has a running theme modeled on ’60s Japanese pulp fiction.
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