Utada Hikaru releases new single “Anata”; past music also available for streaming now



Utada Hikaru’s 3rd Single from Epic Records, “Anata”, is set to release worldwide along with its music video on December 8th, 2017.

Along with the single, songs between her debut single “Automatic” to her latest album “Fantôme” will also be available on major streaming services* to begin the celebration of the upcoming 20th anniversary year of Utada Hikaru’s debut.

“Anata”, main theme for the movie DESTINY Kamakura Monogatari (in theaters December 9th)and commercial song for SONY’s ‘Noican wireless’ earphones, is to be released today, December 8th , along with its long-awaited music video directed by Jaime-James Medina. This is the second music video in a row that the two has collaborated in, following her last single/acclaimed music video, “Forevermore”. Precipitating musicians were called to RAK STUDIOS in London, where the recording of “Anata” also took place. The realistic performance scenes in the video was shot using both digital and analog cameras; mixed during the editing process. Utada Hikaru comments as below on “Anata”:

“I received an overall synopsis but ended up getting my own copy of the books to better understand the story and background…I created “Anata” while reveling in the wonder of how the world as we know it in this life and the world beyond is so naturally interwoven as a given in the old city of Kamakura, as well as how easy it is to absorb and consider something as ordinary when you continue to live in a certain environment, the process of slowly building a trusting relationship with a person you want to cherish, and also thinking about myself post mortem while sympathizing with the idea of something that may be the polar opposite of “satori,” but the undeniable human nature of being so attached to something in this life that you can’t even let it go after you die.

This would also be the first track that I’ve musically expressed myself from a mother’s point of view, with the concept of a universal motherly love.”

To celebrate the release of “Anata”, Utada Hikaru has collaborated with Atre Ebisu, a shopping mall located inside the Ebisu station at the heart of Tokyo.

Starting December 8th, “Anata” will collaborate with Sarutahiko Coffee on the Ground Floor of the West Wing. Using the “ARAPPLI” app on your smartphone, you can scan the sticker placed on each table to view an AR visual of Utada Hikaru’s beloved teddy bear, “Kuma-chan”. Enjoy all the cuteness along with the exclusive limited drink, “Cappu-kuma.”

The campaign will continue until Christmas day.

*Spotify streaming will be available starting January 8th, 2018

On December 9th, Utada Hikaru’s debut anniversary, a special all-day program “24-Jikan (24 hours) Utada Hikaru” will air in Japan. Within the program, a making of “Anata” will air starting 7PM (JST).

To start off the celebration of her 20th anniversary since her debut, Utada Hikaru will release Utada Hikaru no Kotoba, her first ever lyric collection book. To commemorate the release, there will be “Utada Shoten (bookstore)” booths in 38 shops nationwide, which will display a collection of Utada Hikaru’s most recommended books.

Also in celebration of her anniversary, songs from Utada Hikaru’s 1998 debut single to her 6th album, “Fantôme” (2016) will be available on Apple Music, and other major music streaming platforms. She is currently working on her 7th album, which will be her first album to be released by Sony Music Entertainment. The album is scheduled for a 2018 release; a nationwide tour is being planned in Japan, which will be her first in 12 years since her “UTADA UNITED” tour back in 2006.