A quartet rock band of Masashi Akiba (Vo. / Gt.), Tetsuro Kimura (Gt.), Johnny Yanagawa (B.) and Takahiro Shikano (Dr.).
In July 2009, released a 7-track EP “Kiraku ni Yarouze”, which was only available at their live concerts. It marked the beginning of a busy year: They performed at Summer Sonic 09, “COUNT DOWN JAPAN 09/10” held by Rockin’ On, and “RADIO CRAZY”, held by FM802.
In April 2010, released their 2nd Ep “Subarashiine”.
In 2010, performed at “ARABIKI ROCK FEST. 10”, “ROCK IN JAPAN FES”, and “OTODAMA ‘10”. The band had their 2nd autumn national tour “Drive Tengoku” in which they performed in 12 different locations. At the end of the year they performed for “COUNT DOWN JAPAN 10/11” held by Rockin’ On.
On March 2nd, 2011, released their first full-length album “The First Cut is the Sweetest”.
In October, carried out their 2nd tour of the year “Nori Nori Battle Series ~The Beatmotors kara no Chousenjou” (10 performances).
In December, performed at Rockin’ On’s “COUNT DOWN JAPAN 11/12” for the 3rd consecutive year.
The band and their music strike a great balance, which is systematically simple, without any gimmicks, pushiness, or conservatism. That, mixed with the on-the-verge-of growling and screaming, is what makes their live performances shine.
The world “simple” may seem to mean, “lack of character” or “boring”, but their sound and live performances are epitomes of what true “simplicity” is. An uncommon type of band in this day and age.
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