In January 2007, Ryuji (Vo) formed ZORO with Taizo (Gt) and Tatsuhi (Ba). Yuya (Dr) joined the band in June of the same year. Their music is based on digital, jazzy funk-sounded Rock, but it’s colorful and pop at the same time. Their unique, melodious song and Ryuji’s unusual fashion sense are the 2 main features of ZORO.
Until now, the band released 3 singles and 3 albums (including mini-album). Their first work is the mini album “APOLLO” released in August 2007. After the release, they went on a national event-tour for the first time.
In February 2008, ZORO had a first one-man show at Ikebukuro CYBER. Its tickets were sold out immediately. (300 people)
1st maxi single “Lost Technology” was released in March. The band had the first anniversary show at Takadanobaba AREA and this is also their 2nd one-man show. (SOLD OUT / 400 people)
In August, the 1st full album “COSMO -Stainless Music-” was released. This album shows ZORO’s view of the world to the fans. The 3rd one-man show was held at Shibuya O-WEST on October 17th, after coming back from the national event-tour (SOLD OUT / 550 people).
In March 2009, 2nd single “Playear” was released. The 2nd anniversary one-man show was held at Shibuya Club Quattro. (SOLD OUT / 700 people)
They showed their new side with their 1st DVD single “NISHIKI” in May. Following that, ZORO went on the national tour with their 2nd full album “CORE” in September, and finally on October 30th, the 5th one-man show “$ GAMBLE $” was held at SHIBUYA-AX.
Their 3rd anniversary new single “GOLD CARD” was released in March. With this release, the one-man tour in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka is confirmed.(All SOLD OUT)
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