Members: Ryuta Yamamura (vocal), Kazuki Sakai (guitar), Genki Amakawa (bass), Seiji Ogura (drums).
After making a legendary debut in 10/2008 with a digital single “Hana ni Nare,” flumpool achieved a remarkable success with their mini album “Unreal,” which ranked #2 on Oricon Weekly Album Chart. Within only one year since their debut, they made it all the way to Nippon Budokan and the tickets for the 2-day lives were sold out immediately. They continued on making hits one after another that made the theme songs for TV dramas and movies, such as “Hikari,” “Kimi ni Todoke” and “Akashi.” They’ve always been on the top of various charts since their debut and even participated in NHK Kouhaku Utagassen for 3 consecutive years. While continuing with special lives at arenas, flumpool went on their 5th nationwide tour. By 2012, they have done 52 lives at 42 venues on their tours with a total audience of 100,000 and released “experience” in December. In 1/2013, they went on a 4-day arena tour at Yokohama Arena and Osaka-jo Hall which attracted a total audience of more than 40,000. They are currently preparing to release a new single this summer and will celebrate their 5th debut anniversary with special 2-day lives at Nippon Budokan on 10/1 & 10/2.
flumpool’s activities in Asia began in 10/2012 with their participation in “SUPER SILPPA PART2,” a renowned rock festival in Taipei, Taiwan with Mayday as the headliner band. In 1/2012, they were invited to “The 8th KKBOX Digital Music Awards” as special guests and were awarded “International Digital Annual Single Award.” In 3/2013, the tickets for their very first solo live in Taiwan were sold out so quickly in one day that they did an additional live. They released a special Taiwan/HK/Singapore edition of “experience” which includes ‘Akashi,’ whose Chinese lyrics were written by Ashin, Mayday’s vocalist and also a good friend of flumpool’s. With their Chinese name as “凡人譜(fan-ren-pu),” decided by Mayday, flumpool kicked off with lives and events in Asia in full gear. flumpool will be performing in Singapore for the first time since their last live at “J-Live ASIA” in 9/2012.
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