Official Hige Dandizm


Official Hige Dandizm
Official Hige Dandism was formed on June 7th 2012 based in Sanin area.
The band is formed by the graduates from Shimane University and Matsue High School for Professions and the average age of the members is 23 years old.
They are called “Higedan”.
This band name comes from the member’s wish to continue playing together until they’re old enough to look good in mustache.
In March 2014, The band won the grand prix at eighth “Amaban” Band Contest with a song titled “Ai Nandaga”.
On April 22nd , they released their debut album titled “Love to Peace ha Kimino Naka”. The album was selected as Tower Record’s recommendation and Nippoin Broadcast’s most promising act for April. It also ranked 10th in iTunes J-POP chart, rare achievement for an upcoming band. It sold well for a long time.
They are the No.1 piano pop band in Sanin area.
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