SuG SuG was formed in October 2006 by vocalist Takeru, and guitarists masato and yuji. In November, MITSURU joined as the drummer.
The band began activities at the start of 2007, and bassist Chiyu joined that February. Shortly after, SuG set out to make themselves known. Their first song was released on the compilation album CANNONBALL vol.3.
After filling much of that spring and early summer with lives, the band was signed to the indie division of PS COMPANY, one of the most well known and respected visual-kei labels in Japan, and in August they released a maxi-single, Scheat. This was followed, in September, by their second single, Alterna. Both singles were widely promoted and featured interesting music videos; as a result, SuG’s popularity skyrocketed.
At the end of 2007, SuG released a mini-album called I SCREAM PARTY and made their overseas debut in Cologne, Germany on December 29th for the J-Rock Invasion concert. Their success carried over into 2008 as they did a Japanese tour with stylish wave before releasing their highly anticipated first album, n0iZ stAr.
At the same time, Takeru played a role in the movie “Aquarian Age,” a live action adaptation of a popular card game. The movie also featured fellow PS COMPANY band alice nine. Though Takeru only had a brief cameo, fans were extremely excited over his involvement in the film. While Takeru has stated that he enjoyed his short acting stint, he remains dedicated to SuG, and the band came out with another mini-album, Punkitsch, in September.
SuG released the single Tricolour Color in December. It came out in three versions: white, blue and red. The white version contains the PV for Umbilical, while the other two have different second B-sides. Through the rest of December, the band held instores and participated in various countdown lives.
To start 2009, SuG played as one of the opening acts at the PS COMPANY 10th anniversary festival. In February, SuG celebrated their third anniversary with a oneman at Takadanobaba AREA. February also heralded Takeru’s return to acting with the DVD release of “Beat Rock ✩ Love,” a movie in which Takeru plays a vocalist in the band Love Diving. The fictional band has released an album and held a small promotional live.
In April, SuG released a single titled 39GalaxyZ and announced drummer MITSURU’s departure from the band over creative differences.
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