Sagisu Shiro New Album Release: Unreleased and Outtakes from “Evangelion”



Sagisu Shiro’s new album of unreleased songs and outtakes from the anime series “Evangelion” entitled “Shiro SAGISU outtakes from Evangelion” will be released on July 29.

The album will include a remastered version of the soundtrack album “NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: S2 WORKS” released in 1998, the unreleased songs and outtakes from the live orchestral music “Evangelion Koukyougaku (Evangelion Symphony)”, the outtakes of the movie theme song “THANATOS-IF I CAN’T BE YOURS- “Nine Years After Mix””, and other rare tracks such as the piano piece and the outtakes from the movie series “Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition”.

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