YOSHIKI Supports Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund



Yoshiki Foundation donates JPY10,000,000 to Japan Red Cross

Yoshiki Foundation America, a 501(c)(3) organization, run by the leader of legendary Japanese rock band X JAPAN, announced that the foundation is supporting the efforts of the Japan Red Cross rushing aid those who are affected by the recent Kumamoto Earthquake by donating JPY10,000,000.

Yoshiki happened to be in Japan when the deadly earthquake hit Kumamoto and has been following the developing news related to this disaster. With more than 500 continuing after-shocks and the devastation still spreading in the area Yoshiki was compelled to make this significant donation.

Though a Japanese citizen, Yoshiki has been living in the US for a very long time and he has been deeply affected by the Japanese response to the quake. “It is touching to see the people keep their cool and integrity in such a devastating situation,” he commented. “Such mannerism is admired on a global level and I’d love to spread that spirit of the Japanese people to the world.” Yoshiki was recently appointed as the advisor of Japan House, which is a new Japanese government initiative scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, London, and Sao Paulo, which showcases everything Japan from its culture, art, food, and technology to the local population.

X JAPAN and Yoshiki have continuously done charitable work. Yoshiki put his own favorite “crystal” piano up for auction in 2011, as well as donating X JAPAN’s entire performance fee from their appearance at a-nation, one of Japan’s biggest summer festivals, to help provide aid for the March 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. In 2015, X JAPAN kicked off their Japanese tour in a club size venue in Ishinomaki, a city that was most severely affected by the 3.11 disaster. They held a charity concert performing to a very intimate crowd, raising 28 million JPY. Proceeds were donated to Central Community Chest of Japan to help aid children who were affected by the disaster. Other charitable contributions from Yoshiki Foundation America include donations to Make-A-Wish Foundation, Points of Light and the Grammy Foundation, among others.


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