Idol College Performed Live at “JAPAN EXPO”, Thailand


Idol College

Idol College performed live at the “JAPAN EXPO IN THAILAND 2016”, which took place in Bangkok, Thailand, from February 12th to 14th.

Other artists from Japan were WORLD ORDER, Momochi Minami, hiJK, bless4, Azumi Inoue, Takayoshi Tanimoto, YOFFY, NoB, Genta Kono, and Niya Sasaki. They livened up the crowd with outstanding live performance representing Japan.

Idol College, being the only pop idol group at the event, performed for two days, on the 13th and the 14th. As pop idol groups are becoming very popular among the locals, many audience rushed to see their live performance. The eight members that performed were Kisaki Saito, Chisato Minami, Yui Nakajima, Julia Tomita, Yuka Ebihara, Shioka Ishizuka, Nozomi Kawaoto, and Himeka Kaminaguchi. Including their last year’s live performance in Taiwan, this was their second time to perform abroad as Idol College.

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