a flood of circle, First Live Performance in London Ends in Success



a flood of circle’s first live tour in London, “THE BLUE TOUR in LONDON – Aoku Nure! London Hen” (three shows in total), being their 10th anniversary celebration, ended with great success.

They performed the first of two shows scheduled on February 5th at the legendary venue “The Dublin Castle.” From midnight, they performed at the event “JUBILEE CLUB” taken place at a live music venue “BARFLY.” With a beat similar to Irish punk, their song “Best Ride” livened up the crowd.

On February 6th, they performed at “The Finsbury” in their rock event “Dirty Water Club.” The show ended with cheers from audiences interested in Japanese rock ’n’ roll, and receiving words of praise from organizers of the events, the three shows ended with great success.

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