Yuuka Ueno


Yuuka Ueno, born on February 5th, 1998 is a eighteen-year-old girl, currently residing in her hometown of Tokushima. In the 2012 “Dream Vocal Audition” sponsored by King Records, she was crowned the youngest Grand Prix winner from ten thousand competitors and was awarded the “Dream Vocalist Loved by Young Magazine award.” She released her debut CD “Kimi to ita Sora” in July of 2013. The lead song from the album, “Kimi to ita Sora” was used as the theme song for the movie “Toilet no Hanako-san” released the same year. She also played the main role, Sayo Nagasawa, which marked both her debut as an actress and as singing a movie main theme song. While her bright and refreshing yet sometimes mature and clear voice will continue to be heard in her singing career, her cute appearance has allowed her to maximize her possibilities as an actress and model, like posing in photo shoots for Young Magazine.
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