Tsubaki Factory (Camellia Factory)


Tsubaki Factory
On April 29th, a new Hello! Project (project which includes many famous idol groups) unit with 6 members has been created, Tsubaki Factory (Camellia Factory). The word “tsubaki” comes from the flower Camellia Japonica which is loved by everyone since the Manyo period. In comparaison to those flowers, even in winter people from the ancient times always preserved the green leaves of the evergreen. Then, the leave which is robust takes is origin from the name “Tsubaki” in Japanese. This name also has been decided with praising the noble and cold beauty and wanting the group to be fresh and strong like the evergreen. In language of flowers, Tsubaki means the “pride”, the “supremacy of lovely”, “humble kindness”. It is wished that the group will grow appropriately with the language of flowers. Like the group Kobushi Factory, “Factory” has also been associated in order to inherit Berryz Kobo (another Hello! Project’s group, on indefinite hiatus) spirit. Their first single release contains a song only sold during their lives. On October, the members took part at a musical “Thank You Very Berry”.Since then, they have released 2 singles and 1 mini-album, and 3 new members have just been announced. They prepare themselves for a promising future so you definitely have to keep an eye on Tsubaki Factory (Camellia Factory)!
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