Sayuri Sugawara


1/2008 “7 Days Audition & 30 Days Audition” by For Life Music Entertainment This series of auditions were much talked about for their unique style that sent out ‘immediate results’ to the participants. A high school girl with a pleasantly clear voice in a brand new style from Yokote City, Akita Prefecture was granted the chance to debut as the winner.
12/2008 Digital debut with “Destiny,” a winter song about a yearning heart in love This song was sampled from Franz Liszt’s classical masterpiece “Liebesträumer” in collaboration with FEROS for rap in portraying pure perspectives of an 18-year-old.
4/2009 New song inspired by Sayuri Sugawara’s purity “I want to see you now. I like you the way you are. I want you to know how I really feel…” Anyone could relate to such lyrics of ‘Kimi ni okuru uta’ filled with honest words from the heart. This number with a strong, timeless impression of an 18-year-old’s “now” was composed and produced by Sin, the same composer and producer for “Destiny.” This impressive, heartfelt number captured the hearts of those from the same generation and won the “New Artist Grand Prix” of the 3rd Reco Choku Awards.
Real Vocal 9/2009 New release of “Ano hi no yakusoku” This song is about a girl’s pure heart torn apart by her own feelings as a wannabe grownup, who decides to stay honest and real and wait for a brand new season to begin.
12/2009 Miracle of being chosen for the theme song of “FINAL FANTASY XIII” which came true with a strong heart of will The lyrics of her 2nd maxi single “Kimi ga irukara” were co-written by Yukino Nakajima to describe dreams. Sin, the producer of all her releases, opened yet another new door for her trusting heart. Then, the whole world started to tune into Sayuri Sugawara’s song with a brand new destiny.
1/27/2010 Release of 1st full album “First Story” in the last spring of her teen years 14 stories in full reflection of her dreams were expressed through her all the more pleasantly clear voice.
Honest thoughts before turning 20 5/19/2010 Re-realizing the importance of facing true feelings after a year since her debut A maxi single of 3 songs filled with her true feelings was released. It was chosen as a soundtrack in Fuji TV drama “Sunao ni narenakute.”
Changing tomorrow & living on with words 9/1/2010 Love for singing deepened as turning 20 Even after turning 20, she sang about the courage to express a pure heart and true feelings in words with her new release “’Suki’ to iu kotoba.” This song was chosen as the theme song for TV Asahi’s mystery drama “Kasouken no Onna.”
10/24/2010 (Tokyo) & 10/26/2010 (Osaka) Very first tour “Live Tour -The One-” She won the hearts of the whole audience, especially those in her generation, and continued on to perform at a school festival. This experience gave her a strong sense of confidence and more courage to move forward to a brand new dream.
Beginning of a new story 2010/12/22 Release of 2nd mini album “Close To You” filled with her impressions of the first live 6 tracks of this release describe the scenes of love in winter songs, warming the hearts of everyone who listens to them. This album helped foresee Sayuri Sugawara’s new season to begin.
1/2011~ Very first regular radio program “FM OSAKA E∞Tracks Selection Sugawara Sayuri no Osaka Manyuu Nikki” This program received positive feedback for its interactive style for listeners.
2/25/2011 Shinsaibashi CLUB QUATTRO (Osaka), 3/2 Nagoya E.L.L. (Nagoya) & 3/4 Akasaka BLITZ (Tokyo) Sayuri Sugawara tried a new performance of playing the guitar at her 2nd live tour “Live Tour –Close To You-” which called for an enthusiastic response from the audience.
7/20/2011 Opening a new door through “Close To You,” a new story that connected people together Sayuri Sugawara wishes to cherish both singing and connecting hearts together and to stay in the hearts of her listeners forever…
Her 3rd mini album “Forever…” is the very first step of this wish of hers. While keeping a comfortable distance between the listeners and herself, and yet still reaching out to their hearts surely, she continues to sing to stay as a “Forever Friend” for everyone who listens to her songs.
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