Piano Zombie


Piano Zombie
Honenukiman (Daioh) Akipanman (vocal, guitar), Kitamatsudoman (Bass) Nakajimaman (guitar) Helpman (Drums) GEBOKU (geboku)
In 2007, a punk band , Super Thunders broke up and Akipanman selected quirky members all over Japan, and gathered them at Sakai no Yamachan in Shinjuku. Ever since then, they have been looking for the day they can bring the peace together.
Mr. A had been an enthusiastic fan of Thunders and just because they wanted a pianist, they called A to persuade him to join all the way from Oita , Kyushu to play the piano ,saying “You’ll be fine if you can play something simple”.
Aki Pan Man thought A would practice hard once in the band and show his progress to the audience. Just to face the reality and due to the fact they love the word “ZOMBIE”, the band name settled on “Piano Zombie”.
When they called A and told the band name, A said “I don’t think it’s cool”. The band still accepted A with tolerance and love that’s bigger than the universe.
Akipanman used to teach him piano but soon he found that A has no sense for notes and rhythm, he sends him to a piano school.
A year later, their studio time used to be 0AM till 5AM but he over slept and never showed up. He did the same after being scolded by the members, but showed up paying 20 thousand yen for taxi ride and showed up at 4 am.
They started setting up the band and started practicing. At the emergency meeting at 5 am, they decided he will paint his face blue for a year as a punishment.
But then, since blue wouldn’t show his face they changed it to pale green and then settle d on white.
A kept going to the piano lessons but never progressed. The band was forced to turn him into Daioh (king) and told him to say he is born white-faced.
A Thunders fan who also worked as a staff joined the band as a member. His name is K.
In 2009, the band became what they are, a strange band though they wanted to do a normal J-Pop. They still haven’t been able to change to this day.  
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