Dramatic Alaska


Dramatic Alaska
Vo / Gt Naoto Hijkata Born on April 28th
Ba Kenji Maruoka Born on July 26th
Dr Atsushi NishibataBorn on January 15th
Dramatic Alaska is a guitar rock band from Kobe. They went to the same high school and formed a band in 2010.
They were the final act at COMIN’KOBE 13, which performance created a buzz and made their CD debut in June 2013.
In 2015, the band settled on the new formation, welcoming Satoshi Yamamoto(GAGAGA SP), Romantic☆Yasuda(Bakudan Johnny), and Masataka Sawayanagi(ex.THE NAMPA BOYS) on guitar as support musicians.
The vocalist Hijikata’s voice comes out so high and clear and their melody is catchy over their mainstream guitar rock sound.
Their emotional and aggressive live performance is something to check out.
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