fumika made her debut from Sony Music with an ending theme song for TV Tokyo anime “BLEACH” in 2011.
Later, she sang “Taisetsu na Hikari”, the main theme for the film “Hayabusa”, which was perceived as an extra ordinary promotion for a new artist.
Her strong and straight-forward voice drew the attention of the video creators and others, welcomed with the fact that she played the role of Young Nala in Lion King by Shiki Theater Company in her childhood and that she won the grand-prix in the first “Recochoku audition” in 2010 out of ten thousand participants.
All the songs from her album “POP SISTER” released in February 2013 , were all tied-up in commercials and TV programs , showing her presence as a pop diva “fumika”, even strengthening it.
In addition to her artist career, her cheerful character and unique fashion brings her fans from her own generation.
In April 2014m she released her 8th single “Endless Road” , the commercial song for My navi wedding collaborated with “Furiko” by Tekken. The movie gained the total of 1.5 million views topping the wedding ranking chart.Her 9th single “Kesenai Yakusaku” was selected as “Aono Umi-LONG SUMMER” aired nationally on Fuji TV , created by Tokai TV.
On January 28th 2015, she released her second album”POWER OF VOICE”.
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