Modern Japanesque Art J-Pop/Rock group, PASSEPIED will make their International debut at THE GREAT ESCAPE.



Their International-only EP “OZASHIKI MUSIQUE” to be released in April.


3. Tokyo City Underground (English ver.)
4. Chinatown
5. Tow-Ryang-Say
6. The Meditation (English ver.)
7. Cinema
8. S.S

Natsuki Ogoda – vocal, illustration
Narita Haneda – keyboard, compose, arrange, produce
Masahiro Misawa – guitar
Yoshikuni Tuyuzaki – bass Takuya Yao – drums

Japanese Pop/Rock group, PASSEPIED was formed in 2009, by a Tokyo University of Art graduate and keyboardist, Narita Haneda.

Since then, PASSEPIED are causing sensation in the Japanese music scene with their distinguished music theory and virtuoso technique. From their unique pop sense absorbing the music from the 70’s to the 00’s with a hint of Japanesque appearing and disappearing between notes, to the illustration/artwork and music clip animation created by the band’s own vocalist, Natsuki Ogoda, their style is in a form of one fine composite art.

In 2013, they were named by iTunes Japan as one of their “Breakthrough artists of 2013”, followed by the release of their major debut full album “Ensyutsuka Syutsuen” in June.

Their sophomore album “MAKUNOUCHI-ISM” was released on June 18, 2014, and “MTV 81”, MTV’s project focused on Japanese music/culture run a special feature coincide with the release. Furthermore, PASSEPIED’s “Tokyo City Underground(English ver.)” will be used as an insert song on the upcoming movie “APPLESEED ALPHA”, the latest movie from Japan’s CG-animated sci-fi action adventure based on the popular “Appleseed” franchise by the creator of “Ghost In The Shell” . In October, the band released “MAKUNOUCHI-ISM e.p” which includes 4 tracks from the latest album “MAKUNOUCHI-ISM” re-recorded all in English. The EP also includes a remix of “MATATABISTEP” by Seiho and released on iTunes Stores worldwide. Starting November 14th, PASSEPIED successfully went on a nationwide tour “MAKUNOSOTO-ISM”.

PASSEPIED are keeping themselves busy for 2015, making their first ever UK show at THE GREAT ESCAPE in May, and their new single “TOKINOWA” will be the theme song for a new animation series “Rinne”,which is based on a popular comic by Rumiko Takahashi, widely known as the manga artist for “Urusei Yatsura” and “Inu-Yasha”, etc. Also they have recently made a unique PASSEPIED-style of Cornelius’ “New Music Machine”. What definitely will be one of the highlights for them is their first ever solo headline show at Japan’s legendary venue, BUDOKAN in December, which was just announced. PASSEPIED will continue working non-stop on stage and in the studio…But this is only just the beginning of their story.

May 13 in London at The Pipeline
The Great Escape Festival:

May 16 in Brighton at Queens Hotel

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