“KAWAII POP FES” in Taiwan. Tickets on sale, timetable announced



The timetable and details for the two-day idol event, “KAWAII POP FES by @JAMxJ-GIRL POP WAVE vol.4 in Taiwan 2015”, was announced. The event will be held at The WALL Taiwan on January 24 and 25, 2015.

“KAWAII POP FES by @JAM” was started last May in Hong Kong as the entertainment event by “@JAM”. This year’s Taiwan event will feature Up Up Girls, GALETTe, SHIRITSU EBISU CHUUGAKU, Tokyo Girls’ Style, Tokyo Performance Doll, Dorothy Little Happy, and PASSPO. Each group’s performance time is listed below

There are three types of tickets. The “1SHOW” ticket is for one artist. The “1DAY” is for all of the artists on a specific day. The “2DAY VIP” is for all seven groups over the two days, plus special bonus privileges and gifts. The domestic fan tour will feature xiaolongbao / pineapple cake (Taiwan delicacies) making experiences, rehearsal viewings, and other special plans set up by the artists.

January 24, 2015 (Saturday) Taiwan THE WALL

14:00 ~ GALETTe
17:00 ~ Dorothy Little Happy
19:30 ~ Tokyo Girls’ Style

Supported by @JAM
January 25, 2015 (Sunday) Taiwan THE WALL

12:00 ~ Tokyo Performance Doll
17:30 – Up Up Girls
20:00 ~ PASSPO ☆

1SHOW ¥4,500 / 1,200 Taiwan Dollar
1DAY (24th, 2008) ¥10,000 / 2,800 Taiwan Dollar
1DAY (25th, 2008) ¥14,000 / 3,800 Taiwan Dollar
2DAY VIP ¥23,000 / 6,400 Taiwan Dollar

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