Sayaka Sasaki


 Sayaka Sasaki is the winner of the third Japan Anison Grand prix , making her debut with an opening song for the second season of “Tatakau Shisho The Book of Bantorra”, titled “Seisaino Ripieno”. Besides her impressive vocal ability, she shows proves her talent in lyric writing as well since the B-side of “Seisaino Ripieno”.
 Since the debut, she has performed at festivals held at large venues such as Yokohama Arena, Saitama Super Arena, releasing three albums and one cover album.
Some of her notable works are as follows.
“Zzz” Ending theme for TV Anime Nichijo
“Reason why XXX” Opening theme for TV anime “Dakara Boku ha H ga Dekinai”
“Break your world” Opening theme for TV anime “Senko Kagura”
“CHIASTOLITE” Ending theme for TV Anime “Garo-Honoh no Kokuin”
She also does voice for a TV anime “Garo Koren no Tsuki” as well as singing the ending theme song.
In 2015, she released “WASTELANDERS” an opening theme for “Shojo tachi ha Koya wo Mezasu”.
 She has been actively singing at conventions in Asia, South America, and America, supported by fans all over the world. She is a multi-talented artist on the rise with her singing, lyric-writing and voice-acting.
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