05 Faylan
Faylan started taking voice lessons at a young age, having always dreamed of being a singer and later joined Okinawa Actor’s School in Tokyo to learn dance.
After graduating from Muse Academy of Music, she performed in many musicals and thereafter became affiliated with S Inc.
In 2008, her song “Dark Side of the Light”, soundtrack for TV Anime series “Ga-Rei -Zero-”, was released into the world, leaving a vivid impression.
In July 2009, she released her first actual CD “mind as Judgment” which was the opening theme song for TV Anime series “CANAAN”. Following this, she sang on many other anime and video game theme songs, soundtracks, and image songs.
In 2013 she released the opening theme song “God FATE” for TV Anime Series “Hakkenden -Touhouhakkenibun-”. In March, she self-produced her 3rd album “PRISM” and started touring in June.
In March 2014, she released Lantis’ first J-POP & Anime Song Covers Album “FAYvorite”, as well as her fourth album “-Zero Hearts-” in January.
She continues to maintain the “next generation ani-song singer-queen” status with her cool yet sexy visual image and mature but provocative singing style.
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