Cyntia Cyntia is a 5-piece girl band that was formed in Tokyo in 2011. It is centered around YUI (guitar) and KANOKO (drums) who hit it off in the Liv Moon music video.
YUI also plays in Nanase Aikawa’s backing band. She performed at the hugely popular TOYOTA booth at the Tokyo Motor show. She is creating a buzz on YouTube and is gaining attention as a guitarist. KANOKO is popular session drummer who has played for several different artists. In the summer of 2011, AIRI (bass) and AYANO (keyboard), who majored in songwriting / producing at music college, joined the group.
SAKI (vocals) joined the group in November. She was chosen from an extensive auditioning process that lasted over a year. In 2012, the band’s demo tape became the deciding factor in signing with the agency that they are currently with. They debuted with the single “Run To The Future” in April 2012.
AYANO (keyboard)
SAKI (vocals)
YUI (guitar)
KANOKO (drums)
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