Kosuke Atari, turned 5,000 Chinese Audience into a Big Choir at his Solo Show.


Kousuke Atari

Kosuke Atari based in Amami Ohshima, a vocalist known as the owner of the most gentle voice in the world had a show in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangdong, China.

His Shanghai show at Shanghai Eastern Art Center drew 2,000 fans and the show started with “Ue wo Muite Aruko” from his recently released cover album “Best Covers – Motto Nippon”. He also made a cameo appearance as a singer himself in “Cape No.7”, which became the biggest hit movie in Taiwan. He is known as the “Shimauta Prince” in Chinese speaking countries. This Shanghai Concert was the first in 2 years since 2011.

Kosuke Atari also had exclusive invitation-only shows in Beijing on the 16th and in Guangdong on the 18th. These shows also ended as a big success and the tour drew a total of 5,000 fans.

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