H ZETT M Height and weight=unknown. Age=unknown. Measurements=private. Nose=blue. H ZETTE M is a mysterious magician on the piano. He denies any speculation that he is HIIZUMIMASAYUKI of PE’Z and keyboardist for Ringo Sheena.
H ZETTE M debuted in 2001 with “5+2=11” (Gottani). His super-human performances are described as virtuosic and weightless as the fuse experimental music with art. His 2010 impromptu street concert in Taiwan brought in over 2000 people and made the blue nose popular. In January 2012, he recorded all 26 of his songs with just a grand piano. This was the right time to release “MIRAI NO ONGAKU” by a man who pursues the possibilities of man and his passion for music. H ZETTE M mesmerized a sold out crowd for over two hours at his unique stylized concert. The performance showed his sense of style and humor and has broadened his popularity around world.
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