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Miliyah Kato
Miliyah Kato ( born June 22, 1988 in Toyata, Aichi Perfecture Japan) is a J-urban artist, whose real name is Miho Kato. In 2004 she won a Sony audition and debuted with her first single called “Never Let go” the 8th of September of 2005. It got ranked as one of the 30 best singles for 5 weeks.
She was raised a single parent household (with her mother and brother).
Miliyah is a singer and songwriter with a captivating husky voice. At the age of 14, she began to pour out her skills in writing her own music. In September of 2003, she was featured on the album released by the Reggae Disco Rockers, singing her self written song [Cherry, Oh Baby].
On May 26th, 2004 Miliyah again is featured, this time on a single released by the rapper Douzi-T named [Shouri no Megami]. The song, [Shouri no Megami], was used for the company Iro Mero Mix’s [“Reppresen” Ringtone Rap] commercial in which Miliyah herself appeared on.
Miliyah released her first solo debut single [Never Let Go/ Yozora] through Mastersix Foundation of Sony Music Records on September 8th, 2004. The track, [Yozora], broke grounds having sampled Buddah Brand’s hit song [Ningen-hatudenjyo], and the pre-released LP version of [Yozora] was sold out on the day of release. The publisher was flooded with back-orders of this record and to this day it is known to be a rare find. The remix version of [Yozora] was co-produced by Dev Large and for the first time in 4 years, collaborated with IllmaticbuddahMC.
In November of the same year, Miliyah released her second single [Beautiful]. This song portrays Miliyah’s desires to remain strong and beautiful. [Beautiful] was used as the theme song for Lotte’s [Pure White Gum] commercial. This single also includes a track produced by Dev Large, featuring Dev Large himself and 3 other MC’s, Nipps, Twigy, and Shinnosk8. The pre-released LP version of this track was also sold out on the day of release.
In 2005, Miliyah released her third single [Dear Lonely Girl] which soon became a smash hit and a long seller due to the compelling message she delivers through this song that only a teenage artist still in High School such as herself can relay.
Miliyah also released her own brad of clothing line [Miliyahhood] in Shibuya’s Marui JAM department store as a limited time collection. She is deeply immersed in the world of fashion as well as her music. That’s why she is producing and designing Kawi Jamele, a high-quality fashion brand.
The highly anticipated fourth single [Jyounetsu] was released on September 9th. UA’s 1996 smash hit [Jyounetsu] was sampled on this track and that alone attracted an astound amount of listeners. October 26th, 2005 was the release date of Miliyah’s awaited first Album ROSE.
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