Kohei Otomo


Kohei Otomo Kohei Otomo was born on January 1, 1956 in Miyagi prefecture and major debuted in 1980 as the vocalist of HOUND DOG. With the weapons of rhythmical rock ‘n’ roll and solid ballads, HOUND DOG gained tremendous praise for their live performances, and their fifteen consecutive days of concerts at Nippon Budokan hold the record for most consecutive days of performances at the historic venue. They created many hit songs such as their 1985 single “ff (fortissimo),” “Only Love,” and “BRIDGE.”
Otomo is someone who has constantly continued to take responsibility for Japan’s rock culture, doing things like holding ten years worth of Hiroshima Peace Concerts for charity and establishing facilities for disaster victims.
Otomo has also gained high praise for his work as an actor in many television programs and movies.
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