Kozo Murashita


Kozo Murashita Kozo Murashita is a singer-songwriter who was born in Kumamoto prefecture on February 28, 1953. His sorrowful melodies and lyrics that talk about the subtle changes of the heart acquired him many fans, and he had a great number of hit songs like “Hatsukoi,” “Odoriko,” “Yuuko,” and “Hidamari.” His famous songs, representative of the Showa era, have been covered by many young artists.
He constantly continued to take on new challenges like performing a joint concert with world-famous violinist Atsuko Temna, blending pop and classical music. On June 24, 1999, as he celebrated the twentieth anniversary of his musical activities and at the height of his motivated work, he was rushed to the hospital following a brain hemorrhage and passed away suddenly. He was 46 years old.
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