UL New group by KICK THE CAN CREW’s MCU and LITTLE. In March of 2014, their 3rd anniversary year, they would be releasing their debut album “ULTRAP”. The fact that KREVA would be producing the album have been widely talked about.
An original group that is different from KICK THE CAN CREW. In contrast to the “HIP HIP music with popularity” that they have continued to produce with KICK THE CAN CREW, the duo aims to create a brand new sound, which has the same core, but moreover, a “new HIP HOP sound that is POP but not POPS”.
MCU has a straightforward style of lyric-writing often inspired by first instinct and LITTLE has a literary style of writing with much play on words. With KREVA, the only person in the world who fully understand them and draw out the best from them, as producer, they aim to produce high-quality, POP.
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