Kenji Okahira


Kenji-Okahira Kenji Okahira is a male singer-songwriter born in 1979. He formed a folk band “19 (juke)” with a illustrator, 326 (Mitsuru), after meeting Keigo Iwase at the stage of “Teens Music Festival”. The band made a major debut in November 1998 and their lyric caught the ear of younger generation, making the band charismatically popular.
He formed “3B LAB.☆” in 2001as a vocal and guitar , which seeks for musical experiment.He started this group while he was in “19” but after “19” broke up “3B LAB.☆” became his main band. After new members joined , he changed the band name to “3B LAB.☆S”
On November 21th 2007, he launched his solo project to seek for himself and music in a deeper sense, while running the band “3B LAB.☆S”. Kenji drove the van himself and went to all 47 prefectures. This “Self-drive Tour” is now the source of his musical inspiration.
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