Kūkikōdan is a three-piece pop rock band from Japan started in 1997. The current members are Yukari Yamazaki (band leader, vocals, lyrics, composition), Yoshiyuki Togawa (guitar, bass, recording), and Wataru Kubota (keyboards, arrangement). The band began with Yamazaki, Togawa, and former members Atsuko Ishii (organ/keyboards) and Izumi Koyama (keyboards/piano), but Ishii and Koyama left the band in 2004. Kubota joined in 2006. They released their first recording, a self-titled album, in October 1999. They have released a total of 5 singles, 5 mini albums, 9 full length albums (including 2 best-of albums and 1 live album), and 2 LPs.
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