Always known to be a pioneer, KREVA, the undefeated MC battle champ for Hip Hop Hall of Fame, “B-Boy Park”, is trailblazing the scene for over a decade.
After creating a rap duo, BY PHAR THE DOPOEST with his longtime partner, CUEZERO in 1996, KREVA has gone on to produce and remix for top artists such as Missy Elliot, and also become a household nameas a front man for the chart topping platinum hip hop trio, KICK THE CAN CREW (Warner Japan). The trio won the “International Album of the Year” for The Source Hip Hop Music Award” in 2003 and dominated the Japanese chart in 2004.
Although Japanese Hip Hop was not the mainstream music, KREVA had a passion and spirit to win through the scene, and started his “solo” career in June 2004. Following his critically acclaimed first “solo” album, “Shinjin KREVA,” his sophomore release, “Ai Jibunhaku” spotted HOT SHOT DEBUT #1 on the mainstream album chart (the first Japanese hip hop solo artist to achieve the chart position) and sold more than a half million copies within Japan alone. In September 2007, KREVA released his 3rd smash hit solo project, “Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” followed by the national tour with two day grand finale including the one-man stage show (DJ/MPC/RAP all by KREVA .. not even a operator/assistant nor a side MC) at the world famous BUDOKAN (12,000 cap). KREVA was the first hip hop act to fill the prestigious venue with no one else on the same bill. Furthermore, the one-man stage performance at Budokan was unheard of.
In March 2008, KREVA released his first greatest hits solo album including the bonus track with fresh new approach — the catchy melody RAP-ABLE for men and women of all ages. The genre breaking, ear-popping new hip hop sound! KREVA went on to kick off 13 city sold out national tour with the two day finale at Saitama Super Arena (30,000 cap).
KREVA is also the first Japanese hip hop artist to do [MTV UNPLUGGED], and collaborated with Japan’s top artists in 2009 including Masamune Kusano (SPITZ), Toshi Kubota, Tomoyasu Hotei (Boowy, Kill Bill Soundtrack), Seiji Kameda (Tokyo Jihen) and released his 4th solo studio album titled “Shinzou” on September 9th. KREVA set off the national tour including intimate venues to grande arenas rocking 29 shows and concluded with 2 day Osaka-Jo Hall (Osaka Castle Hall – 10,000 cap), and 2 days Yokohama Arena (30,000 cap). In 2010, KREVA headlined almost all of the summer festivals in Japan, became known as “FES(tival) KING” and released his first mini album, “OASYS” experimenting his new sound with heavily programmed synth and drum machine. In October that year, KREVA sold out 2 day BUDOKAN concert and also welcomed Tetsuya Komuro (a.k.a. TK), Japan’s mega-pop producer who dominated the chart, as one of his back-up musicians on stage.
In 2011, KREVA releases his brand new Japanese single, [IDOMEH/Try On] on February 16th including a surprise remix with his Kick The Can Crew buddies, LITTLE & MCU, and also drops the Fist US Release titled“JAPANESE RAP STAR for USA, vol.1”.
KREVA is never satisfied, KREVA is always moving forward, KREVA knows he is the one to change the music scene today!
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