Indies Denryoku


Indies Denryoku Indies Denryoku is an acoustic trio comprised of “president & CEO” Yoko Utsumi (Yoko Utsumi & YOKOLOCO BAND), “senior managing director” Taiji Sato (THEATRE BROOK, TAIJI at THE BONNET, The Sunpaolo), and “executive director” Tetsu Takano (Nil, THE JUNEJULYAUGUST, ZIGZO). The trio, the fans, and the staff are collectively referred to as “employees/staff” in this “organization”. Their live shows are even called “workshops”.
As a results of the East Japan earthquake on March 11, 2011, Indies Denryoku created awareness for “Ensuring responsible new energy sources based on region” through music. They call this awareness “power generation movement”. Other than in the disaster area and locations of giant festivals, by 2013, the trio set up “power generation movement” in 20 locations around the country.
Indies Denryoku’s motto is, “Indies Denryoku will brighten up your life”.
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