Eiichi Ohtaki


Eiichi Ohtaki Eiichi Ohtaki was born on July 28th 1948 in Iwate prefecture. He showed his talent as a singer-songwriter, a composer, an arranger, a label owner, and as a recording engineer.
He formed “Happy End” with Haruomi Hosono, Takashi Matsumoto, Shigeru Suzuki and established Niagara Label in 1969. He released not only his own album but also those of Sugar Babe’s and Celia Paul’s. His refined pop sound album “A LONG VACTION” became a best seller album.
He was so familiar with American pop, rock and UK’s Liverpool sound as well as Japanese traditional performing arts and songs that his tracks has a complicated musicality even when it sounds simple, and his lyrics has a unique sense of humor.
Eiichi passed away on December 30th in 2013. He has been a major influence on Japanese Pop music.
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