Hidehiko Ishizuka


Hidehiko-Ishizuka A popular gourmet reporter, actor, and member of the comedy duo Honjamaka. Made his CD debut with the song “Waratte Iruyo”, written by Shinji Miyake who was a former member of MOJO CLUB and Timers and a friend of Ishizuka’s. Miyake has coproduced with Kyoshiro Imawano. The single featured as coupling track, the song “Kimi ga Suki Datta Yuuhi” (arranged by Shinji Miyake), Ishizuka himself wrote entirely along with its lyrics. Invited Shiji Miyake as producer to release the album “Rocket”, featuring songs written by Masayoshi Yamazaki and Yuzu’s Yujin Kitagawa, in February 2004. The album captures the soulful musical essence that long resided in Ishizuka’s larger-than-life body.
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