Jun was best known as the vocalist of camino. Before he left the band in 2004 to work on his solo project, he toured and performed in various venues and conventions throughout the USA. Due to his adventurous days with camino, his popularity grew throughout the country. After deciding to work on his solo project, Jun moved to the Los Angeles, California. It was there that he met Kenta, who in turn met Yu, and together the three created the KESHIKI project. Around May 2007, Taka officially joined the band, finalizing the current band’s lineup and thus KESHIKI was born.
Yu, who is KESHIKI’s main composer, honed his skills as a musician through studying music composition in college. He contributed to the entertainment world by writing music for bands, independent films and video games. Kenta was the previous bassist for the LA-based band named Breeze. It was through his charismatic personality and looks, along with his great sense in music that he drew the attention of the American crowd. Lastly, Taka received an offer to join KESHIKI after two years of intense musical training. However, unlike the other members, he wasn’t in a previous band before joining KESHIKI. However, like Yu, he did study music in college.
After the band was fully together, they held their first concert at the Jrock Extended Party in Los Angeles, California. Even though they were just starting out, KESHIKI was able to gather 300 audience members. Thereafter, they played at numerous venues including the famous Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles, California.
The band will be making their first anime convention debut at San Japan in San Antonio, Texas during the second weekend in July.
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