Mothercoa mothercoat gets all the blame for your boredom.
Mothercoat have developed a cult following across
the UK, America and Canada where they have toured extensively and
played several showcase gigs at the SXSW and Rockness festival.
In regular demand at big venues across Japan, they are quirky,
innovative and exhilarating. If you haven’t already seen them, you
undoubtedly should. Mothercoat released their sixth album in 2012,
Allergies, which was mixed by Fernando Lodeiro with his offer after
he had found out mothercoat beyond the sea buried in a heap of music.
Fernando Lodeiro was involved with production of such as Vampire
Weekend, Paul McCartney, Franz Ferdinand and The Arctic Monkeys.
While doing their activity independently with very frugal budget
without any sponsors, their music have been found worldwide for
kick−ass commercial use as listed here constantly in their
career, which proves their truly world−class exquisite sound.
From 2012 mothercoat sets its basis on Fukaya-City in Japan
with a private studio and a vegetable field to devote itself into music even more.
They’re always looking forward to getting to meet partners to
release/promote/booking them internationally.
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