Sentimental City Romance


Sentimental City Romance are a Japanese rock band formed in Nagoya, Aichi in 1973.
The earliest line-up consists of Tokuo Nakano (lead vocals, guitar), Yutaka Hosoi (keyboards, vocals, harmonicas, other instruments), Nobutaka Tsugei (vocals, guitar, pedal steel, percussions), Fumitoshi Kato (bass, vocals) and Takeshi Tanaka (drums).
Takeshi Tanaka left the band after the first album was released. Akihiko Noguchi (drums, vocals) joined the band in 1975 and left them in 1979. But he’s come back to the band since 1993.
Fumitoshi Kato left the band after the 2nd album was released and Kiyoshi Hisada (bass, backing vocals) joined the band in 1976 until 2000.
Since Shinji Segawa (bass, backing vocals) joined the band in 2003, the band’s full members have been Tokuo Nakano, Yutaka Hosoi, Nobutaka Tsugei, Akihiko Noguchi and Shinji Segawa.
Sentimental City Romance have released 12 studio albums, 2 live albums, 10 singles and numbers of compilations.
Sentimental City Romance have the longest life among all bands in Japan (40 years in 2013). Moreover, the majority of the band members stay the same. But they are very modest towards their achievement.
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