Kanon Wakeshima


Kanon Wakeshima “Cello vocalist” Kanon Wakeshima took up the cello at age 3. She started performing in concerts while still in school, playing the baroque cello in classical ensembles. She also started composing music herself and provided vocals for a pop/rock group.
A few years later, she entered an audition held by Sony Music Japan, was judged a finalist, and won a deal with the Sony label DefSTAR Records Inc. Summer in 2001 she redoubled her international efforts – in the space of a month she played at events/conventions in Anaheim, London, and Hong Kong, increasing her fanbase yet again.
This November, she’ll head out on a 7-country, 10-city European tour, performing both as herself and with her other project kanon x kanon. Back in Japan, from September to November she will play an elaborately planned series of high-concept shows in Tokyo, encompassing Jazz, Classical, and Band musical styles. Kanon also shows great talent as an illustrator. She had her first graphic exhibition in Fall 2008, at one of the biggest fashion plazas in Japan, Laforet Harajuku;
now under her moniker “Hilari” she’s really begun to draw in earnest, even designing the main banner art for the Scotland Loves Anime Festival 2011. Releases 1st ALBUM: “Shinshoku Dolce” [2009] * including the lead singles “still doll” and “Suna no Oshiro” (theme song to Vampire Knight) 2nd ALBUM: “LOLITAWORK LIBRETTO”
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