DJ Kazu


DJ Kazu DJ Kazu is known for playing DJ for NHK MUSIC JAPAN New Generation
Anison Special, ANIMAX MUSIX, @JAM and many other animation festival and
events including animation festivals in Europe and Asia.
His outstanding mixing technique and cutting-edge track selections makes
everyone excited and feel like dancing.
DJ Kazu is the Main DJ at Japan’s biggest J-POP monster event,
“J-POP night -Japanese style-“. He is also the first J-POP DJ to sign with
Sony Music.
His previously released MIX CDS has sold over more than 600000 copies.
DJ Kazu was born in 1986.
☆Regular DJ for NHK 「MUSIC JAPAN」 recording event
☆Main DJ for 「J-POP night~Japanese style~」 
☆MIX DJ for Shoko Nakagawa’s best album「Shokotan BEST――(°∀°)――!!(」 
DJ Kazu has been known for playing Anison with Akiba idol corners and introducing Anison only floors at J-POP night since the event started. This year, J-POP night celebrated its seventh year.
In 2009, DJ Kazu’s Anison Kamikyoku MIX performed at the NHK MUSIC JAPAN New Generation Anison Special was widely accepted, and since then, he has been driving the audience wild in numerous animation festivals and events such as ANIMAX.
He continues to attract anime fans such as appearing as a DJ and played more than 1000 songs at the TAMASHII NATION which was held in Akihabara UDX for three days in a row, attracting audiences with glow lights at ANIMAX lobby at Yokohama arena (extra securities were dispatched), and participating at @JAM in 2012 and 2013.
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