RIO RIO was born to a Japanese father and a Portuguese mother.
She works extensively as a sexy actress, gravure idol, fashion model, and a TV talent…
Several celebrities have confessed to being fans of hers. RIO has great worldwide appeal as well.
RIO has worked extensively with the first class of Ebisu Muscats. The group was formed in 2008 for the late night variety show, “ONEGAI! Muscat”, and RIO quickly became a regular member of the group. The group’s debut single, “Banana•Mango•High School / 12 NO 34 DE NAITE with NAMIDE YONSHIMAI”, took the No.8 spot on the Oricon weekly singles chart. Ebisu Muscats have released nine singles and two albums since then. The group disbanded in April 2013 amidst grief from their fans.
RIO, who garnered special attention for her exceptional style and singing voice, will release her long awaited solo debut. RIO got the nickname “Diva of Muscat” for her singing skills and “Miracle Girl” for her ditzy demeanor. Her ditzy comments and her cute airhead personality grabbed the hearts of fans. Her solo debut as a singer is a giant step forward in her career.
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