GOING UNDER GROUND is comprised of five members from the Saitama prefecture of Okegawa. They are a rock band with a soft, melodic tone that incorporates many styles, including rock and roll, ska, reggae, and more.
Inspired by The Blue Hearts, the band was formed when Sou Matsumoto (vocals), Hiroki Nakazawa (guitar), Satoru Ishihara (bass), and Yoichi Itoh (drums at the time) were only first years in junior high. Several members have come and gone since their inception; eventually, Yoichi switched from drums to keyboard while Takehiro Kohno took up the position for drums. They graduated from high school with the five members seen today.
They performed in the capital’s live house in the spring of 1998 for the first time. Afterwards, they steadily gained support and signed onto the indies label, DNA CUPSULES, in December of 1998, and they released their first mini-album “Cello” in the same month.
In the spring of 1999, the band toured the country twice and gained much popularity. Eventually, their name was widespread enough to reach out to various events across the country. On September 23rd, their first sound producer Kenji Ueda of the label “John?” worked together with the band. Their second mini-album, “思春期のブルース (Shishunki no Blues)”, was released in October on “Aqua Music Products”, the label that founded “sunnyside.”
Their first maxi single, “桜が咲いたら (Sakura ga Saitara)” was released on April 12, 2000, with their first full album, “GOING UNDER GROUND” to follow on May 24th. Afterwards, they released “ロマンチック街道 (Romantic Kaidou)” on September 23rd.
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