AMIAYA AMIAYA consists of identical twins AMI (younger twin sister) and AYA (elder twin sister). The sisters moved to Tokyo at age 15 to pursue their dream of becoming artistes and eventually found their way into modeling for hair salons and street snaps on magazines. By the time they were 17, they became regular faces in popular magazines. They also gained popularity for their original creativity in hair and makeup and fans imitating their styles multiplied overnight.
In July 2010, their first ever publication, AYA AMI BOOK, showcasing their innovative takes on fashion, sold a record-breaking 40,000 copies. From then on, Ami and Aya became icons of Tokyo’s revolutionized fashion scene, advocating style freedom by breaking boundaries of typical Harajuku and Shibuya styles.
Two years on, they eventually left modeling and entered showbiz. On 23 January 2013, AMIAYA released their debut mini album,TOKYO POP, available digitally in 154 countries worldwide. In Taiwan’s leading music distribution website, they earned the top spot in the daily charts upon the album’s initial release. The sisters are now being recognized as Asia’s hottest pair of twins.
On 10 April 2013, AMIAYA released a new single, Magic Color, as part of Dariya Corporation’s Palty campaign collaboration project. The single was used in Palty’s TV commercial and the twins appeared in the ad, which went on-air in April 2013.
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