JUNK FUJIYAMA During his college years, formed the band “Hayaoki ×” and began performing on the streets which quickly allowed them to step up to live music bars. Began solo activity after the band broke up.
In April 2009, released the EP “A color” and attracted much attention as the hope of city pop.
In November 2009 and January 2010, held one-man live shows at Blues Alley Japan. On April 29, 2010, released the live album “Junk Time” capturing the legendary performance at Blues Alley Japan. The EP saw and advanced release from TOWER RECORDS. The album held onto the top position of the JAZZ sales ranking for one month, leaving an extraordinary record as a newcomer.
In July and August 2010, released the songs “Morning Kiss” and “SUMMER BREEZE”. On October 20th, released the special album “Junk Spice” featuring the aforementioned two songs. Again, the work saw an advanced release from TOWER RECORDS and climbed to the top of the JAZZ sales ranking.
In March and April 2011, released the digital distribution songs “Tooi Hi no Tegami” and “Boku no Megami”. In the end of April, released the full-length album “Junk Wave” featuring the two songs along with “Hajimari wa Christmas. The album was critically acclaimed as being packed with JUNK FUJIYAMA’s pop essence.
From the end of June through beginning of July that year, held a Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka tour in commemoration of the album’s release and owned the fans with his incredible vocal performance and charisma.
In October, released the digital-distribution-only “BRAND-NEW DAY”.
In November, held the 2nd Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka tour (Nagoya Blue Note / Billboard Live Osaka and Tokyo), which ended in success.
On December 7, released an enhanced, remastered version of the first EP “A color”. The new remastered version contained five additional tracks and was renamed “A color + 5”.
The major label debut single “Ano Sora no Mukougawa e”, released on June 20, 2012, earned him an immense number of radio exposure at 40 network stations across the nation. The song was inserted as the ending theme song for the TV Asahi network national broadcast “Takeshi no Kenkou Entertainment! Minna no Katei no Igaku” and as the TV commercial song for TOSHIBA.
FUJIYAMA grasps the hearts for the listeners with his clear, powerful voice and unique lyrics accompanied by a warm, city pop sound, which has won over the hearts of many veterans of the Japanese Pop world. In June 2013, approximately an year after his major label debut, released the double A-sided single “To The Sky / Shiori”, which saw a double tie up with a TV commercial and a TV drama series.
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