Kakera Lio


Kakera-Lio The origin of the group’s name… there’s nothing very deep about it, to be honest. One summer afternoon, right after our group had formed, we held a meeting elicited by Sasaki, who said, “Let’s decide on a group name.
Should it be English? Should it be German? Should it contain a number? After considering many options and coming up with tens of names, we still couldn’t decide on a name.
It was then that Sato remembered about his sister’s childhood nickname:
“Ore no negai wo kiitekure nagareboshi no soccer goal no naka no ujimushi Ben Johnson kakera lion”
Apparently, unless you called her by this name, she didn’t even respond. That’s why he had to put in a lot of effort remembering this name. Sasaki said, “Kakera Lion? Sounds good. It’s fuzzy, a little sad, but the kindness suits us”. But if it’s “Kakera Lion”, it’s a little too cute, so decided to stop it at Kakera “Lio”. That’s how the name came about.
We wish to share many pieces (kakera) of happiness with everyone. We may all be small, but with the hope to shine strongly and receive many warm pieces from you.
In 2013, the two members who lived three houses apart bumped into each other for the first time 20 years and formed the group and have been active mainly in hometown Sendai since then.
Megumi Sato: Vocal
Nobuhiro Sasaki: Composer/Guitar
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