In 1999, debuted from SME Records as the vocalist for the visual kei rock band LAREINE. Their first album “Fierte no Umi to Tomo ni Kiyu” marked 20th place on the Oricon General Albums Chart.
After that, participated in NEW SODMY and joined LAREINE again after they made a comeback. In 2006, became the producer for Sherow Artist Society. Have produced numerous artists including Versailles and Matenrou Opera.
In spring 2007, formed Versailles who sold out a one-man show at Shibuya CC Lemon Hall with a whopping year-and-a-half.
In 2009, the 10th debut anniversary year for KAMIJO, made his 2nd major label debut from Warner Music Japan with the single “ASCENDEADMASTER”.
On January 20, 2010, released his long-awaited debut album “JUBILEE” which earned 16th place on the weekly charts and held a 6-month world tour between end of February and September. Became the first Japanese artist to perform in Peru.
On June 15th, 2011, released the second major label album “Holy Grail”. The songs “MASQUERADE” and “Vampire” from the album were inserted as the ending theme song for the movie “VAMPIRE STORIES”. As the music director for the movie, KAMIJO was in charge of the sound track.
On July 17th, began their “World Tour 2011 ‘Holy Grail’” at Shibuya CC Lemon Hall. The tour consisted of 18 shows in 17 countries. They became the first visual kei band to hold a 7-country tour in South America; furthermore, they became the first Japanese artist to perform in Venezuela, Uruguay, and Columbia. They brought there European tour to a fitting close with a concert at Chambonnieres Castle in Orleans.
In February 2012, brought the tour that attracted more than 40,000 people to a grand finale with a concert at Shibuya Public Hall.
On July 4th, released the 5th anniversary, masterpiece single “ROSE”. While carrying high expectations of fans on his shoulders, announced that he would be taking a break after the end of the year. On September 26th, released the album “Versailles” and began the last national on November 1st. On Decemeber 20th, held “Versailles TOUR 2012 ‘Chateau de Versailles’ FINAL” to put a period to their 5-year career.
He possesses a versatile voice ranging from an emotional operatic voice to a gentle, enveloping voice. He has been the composer and lyricist of most hit tunes released by all the bands he belonged to. His talent so no end, as he was also soundtrack producer.
In summer 2013, made his long-awaited solo debut.
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