FLOWER Flower began as a performance group consisting of four ex-EXPG, elite teen performers possessing incredible dance skills.
While performing as back dancers for EXILE’s live shows, and appearing in music video clip along with doing modeling and acting, five new members were added to the to the group, chosen out of 30,000 contestants who participated in “EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION3 ~For Girls~” , which began in February 2011.
With the addition of new members Reina Washio, Chiharu Mutou, Kyoka Ichiki, Nozomi Bandou, and Harumi Sato as new vocalists and performers, Flower was reborn as a gigantic nine-member girls’ entertainment group. Inheriting the DNA of EXILE characterized by “top-notch dance performances”, “piercing melancholic voice” and “cute and beautiful looks”, the group made their debut on October 12, 2011 to begin a new movement.
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