DOBERMAN-INC During the latter half of the 1990’s, an age in which neither “HIPHOP” nor “rap” were widely known, there were five rappers who outshone all others in Osaka’s club scene; namely, WEST HEAD (GS, KUBO-C, P-CHO) the mainstream prospect, fearless roughneck TMG (Tomogen), and the lone wolf lyricist MAB. The five began participating in club events and regular parties from their teen years and gained props for their high skills and performances.
In 2000, a big change of tide came upon them. BACH LOGIC, Japan’s world-renowned track maker approached them to form the greatest HIPHIP group “DOBERMAN INC”. In June 2002, released the 1st album “DOBERMANN” under the sound producer BACH LOGIC. The album earned instant recognition, which boosted their popularity from Kansai to the whole nation.
In 2004, released the first major label EP “Conversation Piece”. By 2010, released five albums and a single. As the “representative Hip Hop act of the new generation”, continues to tread the forefront of the scene. As a smart & tough group, distinctly different from all others, they masterfully extract the essence of the age to create their Hip Hop based sound.
In 2006, MAB left the group. In 2007, under the call of EXILE, formed the dream group “24Karats” consisting of EXILE, Sowel, and DOBERMAN INC.
In 2009, participated in the track “FIRST TIMER” featured on Namie Amuro’s album “PAST < FUTURE”.
In February 2011, released the digital-distribution-only song “666” under an unexpected collaboration with PENICILLIN’s HAKUEI.
In September, participated in 3rd generation J Soul Brothers’ song “FIGHTERS”. The track won 1st place in Oricon Weekly Ranking.
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